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Making Peace & Letting Go

I recently did an interview about my experiences with postnatal depression, and I've spent a lot of time reflecting and reliving my journey. I was surprised it had stirred up some emotions, but it's also helped me heal and make peace with myself. I have been reading and watching things online which I have found… Continue reading Making Peace & Letting Go

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Mourning My Old Self & Learning To Love The New

When I was pregnant with my first baby I was so optimistic about the future. I was newly married, we had just moved to a new home and I was finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a parent - I couldn't wait for the next stage of my life. Soon after she was born though… Continue reading Mourning My Old Self & Learning To Love The New


Hitting Rock Bottom

**Before reading please be aware this blog post contains my experience with suicidal feelings and may be a trigger for some** Since I was 15 I have had a fear about death. I'd never personally known anyone close to me to pass away until I was 15, when my aunt passed away, after an extremely… Continue reading Hitting Rock Bottom

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Recovery – It Is Possible

Getting to where I am today has not been easy. I set out with intentions for this to be a positive blog, I wanted to offer that hope for recovery which I was searching for when I was suffering the most. I have to visit those dark days to highlight how far I have come.… Continue reading Recovery – It Is Possible

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So Now The World Knows

This past week I set up a local online support group for my area. 'Lotus Petal PND' An online Facebook page and Twitter account to offer peer support, it was something I was searching for when I was first diagnosed. I longed to talk to other parents near me who 'got it' but I couldn't… Continue reading So Now The World Knows

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A Problem Shared …

When I first found out I had PND I'll be honest, I was embarrassed. How could I feel depressed when I had a lovely life and everything I wished for? My initial reaction was to not tell anyone. They would think I was ungrateful. So I hid it, and I hid it well. My husband… Continue reading A Problem Shared …