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Overcoming Self Doubt & Low Self Esteem – A Few Tips

Postnatal depression, anxiety and many other mental illnesses can cause our confidence to dip, or disappear all together. Even if you haven’t experienced a mental illness, sometimes the changes (physically and mentally) that occur when we have a baby can make us feel self conscious. We can also, sometimes, feel invisible once baby arrives. Many… Continue reading Overcoming Self Doubt & Low Self Esteem – A Few Tips

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To The Mum Struggling …

To The Mum Struggling,  I want you to know you aren't alone. I know it feels like you are, and that you are facing this dark cloud completely alone, but you're not. I want you to know there are lots who are suffering, maybe it's so dark that you can't see each other but they… Continue reading To The Mum Struggling …